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Friscous: the new superfood at your fingertips

You read friscous and can eat like a cous cous. It’s not a pun, but it’s much, much more. Because friscous is really a superfood, transversal, universal, suitable for cooking thousands of different dishes. Comes from Salento, in Puglia, and curcuma is its top ingredient. Friscous Petramaré combines low-gluten durum wheat semolina with the taste of mother yeast and the properties of turmeric.

A food that is not cooked but is used as it is, an innovative idea that combines the ancient local knowledge and the quality of the raw materials to respond to the frenetic rhythms and lack of time with an immediate, healthy and fat-free food that satisfies in terms of taste and well-being.

A combination at the base of which we find a selection of semolina and Italian durum wheat flour, including flour obtained from Senatore Cappelli wheat. The quality of the raw materials used, the rich bouquet of fragrances and stringent production protocols based on high quality standards, make Friscous® an innovative, healthy and adaptable product for every recipe.