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World Brand Design dedica un articolo al packaging delle Crostelle

"Crostelle®” are part of a series of foods from the “Friscous®” family and is the fusion between “Crostino” and “Friselle”, a typical italian grain-based finger foods from the Salento region, and hence the origin from its name: Crostelle®.

It was very important for our Client to communicate through the packaging that Crostelle® and Friscous® are related since one derives from the other; therefore we decided to keep some important graphic elements that could refer to both: the Friscous® grain merges with the “O” to give life to a new symbol.

We are maintaining the Friscous® colours and at the same time we give way to two additional colors that help to give the packaging its own identity, compensate the light tones with the warm ones and communicate an intuitive idea of craftsmanship without neglecting the design.

Per il secondo anno consecutivo World Brand Design Society, la più importante e prestigiosa comunità internazionale di design e di corporate brand, dedica un articolo al nuovo packaging delle CROSTELLE Petramarè.

Da sempre impegnati a valorizzare e promuovere le eccellenze locali, sentiamo di rivolgere un particolare ringraziamento al designer Alfonso Paolini Diez, ideatore e realizzatore del progetto.